With all the played-out pop and rock songs plaguing our radios today, is it too much to ask for something new? MGMT has just that, approaching music as an experiment with sound and creating hallucinatory, electronic songs that are impossible to compare to any other.

Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, the masterminds behind MGMT, met in 2002 at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. It was there that the two combined their contrasting sound methods and began playing shows on campus.

Unlike most other bands, it has never been a goal of MGMT’s to generate a massive fan base and become famous. “We would do these obnoxious, noisy live electronic shows — we never planned on having it be a recorded project — where we would write these weird techno loops and arrangements that we could play with live. A lot of people hated it. That used to be the goal of our shows. We were still trying to be obnoxious and somehow people got into it. It was an accident that people started liking us.”

MGMT has changed the face of pop music, bringing to the table a hypnotic sound that people can listen to whether they are partying in a club or chilling on the back porch at night.

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